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Alex Arqueros
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Since we're under the conversation title UNEMPLOYMENT... I DO believe we should really be able to look for work and fund a job, however circumstances change and so do the employers! But we'll leave that for a separate post. I just want to make a comment stating that in my state of NV the unemployment office hire-ups are in on either identity theft or withholding funds in order to gain interest. I do/did qualify for UI benefits, however this last cut off on Sept 4th was the end of the "federal" portion and i was still entitled to my regular UI as I've worked for years. Thank God I screenshot all my filings because when I went back in to check and see why I hadn't been paid, all the numbers and dates had been moved and/or adjusted. I'm going on week 4 without payment. Enough complaining got me to this partial wanna be resolution. "Our apologies but the system will be going through an update this Saturday and try to rectify any outstanding UI issues". Then I was transfered to a "supervisor that let me know that if I don't get it, that's my problem she has other stuffs to do" Obviously her English was bad but her attitude was worse. NV DETR is absolutely no help even on the rare chance they do answer.. its like trying to find the F$#@in Wizard of Oz... Have anyone of you realized that every order, extention or act has been done over a holiday weekend buying the Feds and States alike an extra day in interest for the funding yet they'll pull your benefits even with money remaining in your account? Last 3 related updates took place 12/27/20, 3/27/21 & 09/04/21. These fell on Christmas, Easter and Labor Day weekend. But they can't fix my payments. You guys do the math on interest of 7 trillion per day? Yeah that part...fix my S#@t already ,I have kids to raise. Nope they would like you to appeal...0 fux given by my state

Rant over# #unemployment #fraud # badcustomerservice #managementneedstraining #thieves

almost 3 years ago
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