Terminated, With No Explanation

Hey guys, so here recently I was let go with no explanation.. Not even a call or text, they just deactivated my key.. An this usually happens, due to technical error. So i’ll just have security buzz me in like usual, well that day in particular.. The security gaurd was like sorry, can’t do that. I smelt something fishy right then, but laughed it off and jokingly said.. “Okay, i guess i’m fired” He looked away from me, and didn’t respond. So I proceeded to tell him to have a nice day, and I went to call management myself. For by this time, I had been working there for 7 months and had personal numbers of the management. So I sent calls and texts, and till this day (almost month later) still have heard nothing from them. I was “hired on” thru a temp agency, so i went back to the temp agency. An told them about the situation as well.. An they said, they never recieved any complaints.. I was never late nor absent. (which I was not) An I asked the temp place, If i can ever somehow file a discrimination claim. Will they vouch for me, and they have already agreed too. They also agree I have been discriminated. Oh keep in mind, I was the only man of color in the facility.. Other than one supervisor they had, and he quit long before me. An after he quit, this one employee would come up to me and say.. “Hmm, wasn’t there one other black guy workjng here? I wonder why he quit..” I said, “you tell me?” He goes on to say, “i’ll let you fill in the blank... but your men of color, in a small town in indiana..” Things like that happen on a regular, but I always felt like I needed my job.. So I felt as if I couldn’t leave, and I never did. I was let go, with no explanation. An they’re even too coward to contact me back and tell me why, I want advice. What they did to me has traumatized me.. I almost lost my home, because I couldn’t afford to pay for almost anything.. I had to wipe out my savings, and survive on that until I found a new job. An although it was almost a month ago, the psychological effects of it still haunt me. I need help, but I’ll take some advice too. I also consider myself a man of God, so to any of my brothers and sisters reading this.. We have to stay strong, and continue to pray to our father for strength and wisdom.. Please and thank you, God bless.

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