Disappointed and discouraged

I have been out of job for one year because I relocated from the Philippines to San Antonio Texas last Oct 2017 because I got married to a US citizen. I had to work on my adjustment of status since I needed the legal papers to stay here in the US and it was only one week ago that I received my Employment Authorization Document . I have been working with the hospitality industry for 27 years . I rose from the ranks from a entry level Telephone Operator right after I graduated from my Associates in college and my most recent position before resigning from my job in the Philippines was a Revenue and Reservations Manager for a 4 star business hotel with 668 rooms. I must say I was so proud of this job because we started from scratch . I had been task to form my department of 7 staff , hire and train them as well as I positioned the hotel in marketing terms among our current competitors . I also identified all the markets we need to target and formulated a 2 year business plan for this property . Now to cut the long story short , last week I started to apply for all hotel jobs here in San Antonio starting with the Revenue Manager position and even a higher position like an Assistant General Manager and to a point like applying to a Front Desk Supervisor position and even an entry level position like a Concierge for the Executive Club of a hotel . Iam very sad and disappointed to say that all I got for the past one week are all rejection letters and not a single interview . It really makes me wonder what Iam doing wrong and why my 27 years of experience in hospitality seem not to matter at all . I am very certain that given a chance to go to an interview I would be very much be able to ace my interviews because I believe I am very well versed and experience in a lot of areas of the hotel. Can anyone please give me some advice as this is my first time applying here in the US. I spoke to one of my very close friends who has been residing in San Antonio for 16 years and worked with the hospitality industry for 16 years and she has told me that in such industry in this city, it is very closely knitted and that they only hire people who are known in the industry and being a newcomer it will definitely be a very difficult challenge because I do not have the track record in the industry to show for. At first I was quite skeptical with what she said because I knew I have 27 years of experience and these hotels are not the run of the mill hotels . These are luxury resorts, and big business hotels mostly more than 250 rooms . Anyway I hope I can get some good advice here because Iam feeling disappointed already. I don't really mind even an entry level Administrative Assistant or even a Reservations Agent or Supervisor because I need to start somewhere. Thank you in advance to everyone in this very supportive community. More power to all.




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