Daniel Berninger

Started 08/20- in the meat dpt., for only $11/hr. Unlike most other retail grocers, NO extra pay for Meat/deli/nor overnight. Beginning in Jan/'22, 5 of us got $1 raise ($13/hr), due to 2/3 shift- staff quit in mid- Dec. & almost immediately thereafter OPs began various attempts at forcing us to quit. 3 had gone by end of Feb. & we last 2 were terminated via contrived/false charges, respectively. During this time, 1 of the main tactics used was keeping staff #'s down to where lunchbreaks were summarily omitted due to customer traffic. I personally missed then for 3 months straight, & only able to get off my feet on bathroom breaks.... All this in/around a work schedule of 6- day weeks & anywhere from 9- 12 hours... Equaling $900- $1k paydays, but also retro exhaustion- as diagnosed by my Dr. during my annual phys. exam 12 days AFTER my release.

about 1 month ago
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