Nancy Fields
about 1 month ago

Wrongful termination due to a medical reasons.....

I worked about a week at wahlburgers in Pittsburgh and worked for a few days. The next day,I get a phone call telling me that they received an email from corporate,and they have to let me go due to my hands that have scars and wounds still from a severe burn on them. They had no rights to fire me when I have medical proof due to this matter.

Dorothy Devlin

Wow that’s horrible - seeing how the wahlbergs wear their humble beginnings like a badge of honor and how they have - especially mark - been given a second chance and how they preach that they have changed to incorporate every politically correct issue that happens in today’s culture being all inclusive they have some nerve firing u for scars period - weather they r medically substantiated or not - this is discrimination plain n simple now that u have health records that back this up u should make this a medical discrimination problem u should sue them and more importantly try to get this to the public which will embarrass them - let their fans know how they really r - u have a medical issue and no one should be judged for anything medically wrong !!

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Jolaine Greaux

Did this happen on their job with your wounds. Please do seek an a lawyer in your state. You should not have got fired for that. Please don't let them get away with that.