Extremely frustrated

I have bounced around from one assignment to the next hoping that it would be different every time! Each time I’ve worked with these companies I’ve either been laid off or fired. The firing has been unfair in a sense that I’ve had a problem with something or someone and there has been no advocacy. I’ve proven each time that I have skill and education, which most of the time has been more than enough than what an employer can ask for. I’ve been in temp positions and can’t get out. The last position that I enjoyed but was stressed over, someone white, (I am a black female) was hired so that I can train her to be fired! For the third time I have been passed over for a white girl who was less educated and experienced! My last assignment I swore everything was going to be ok. I was relaxed and caught on to the position in two weeks! They fire me over something I didn’t do. When I asked why, answers were inconsistent, and now I’m unemployed again! Can’t face my family or friends due to embarrassment. Feel like the black sheep and a disappointment!

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