Gave Notice to go back...SCARED

I have been working with my bosses for 7 years. I keep moving from company to company with out group every 2 or 3 years. I have been more than grateful to be kept employed. When we moved from our last company to this company I did not want to go. I was giving up some important benefits, etc. I had to go or I would not have a desk and would have been let go. Here i am now and I was called back for a position as someone is leaving. I have been so grateful but also very stressed as the group I am with for all these years are not an easy group. You either sink or swim. If you don't work hard and don't catch on you are out. I have a great work ethic and work my behind off. They like me but they are not easy and the pace is not easy either. I have survived through their firings of 3 or 4 people and other good workers leaving because they are not aware of just how hard they can be. They have lost some very good of which was with them for about 12 years.. I wanted to leave many times because of feeling like I am not valued just a hired I have been told. my main boss never seems to appreciate but expects you to do everything...he is entitled. The truth is that over the years I have been afraid to leave and go elsewhere as what if it doesn't work kept playing in my head. I had a very horrible incident happen to me back in July with one of our younger workers....he was so disrpespectful.. so this time I am going...and so scared that it may not work. I going back to the company I just left with them as I mentioned above they are happy to have me back to fill this position and feel I will be just fine. I am cared to death..but better benefits, etc. and they are taking me back with all of my seniority as though I did not leave...I will pick up where I was 5 months ago when I left. That horrible incident happened when one of my bosses cursed at me in front of others and it was a horrible experience. I went to the office manager and they left it up to me to go to HR which I did not because I did not want to get this person fired and I was afraid that they were mad at me. I also did not want my main boss to humiliate himself in front of management we were only there 3 months. I felt bad an uncomfortable every day and not once has anyone asked me if I was ok. I don't feel valued. They disregarded me and my feelings...Just come in shut up and do your job. I COULD SUE FOR GOD'S SAKE. I gave my notice a couple of weeks ago to my main boss...and he cut me off and was not professional nor was he nice....he said ne needed timelines, giving me time out signals with his hands and told me he has been good to me. Umm......I do all his personal work for him and his family as well....not paid to do that....I am just nice and agreeable. Been doing this for many years...well...I told him my timeline is 2 weeks...and he was MAD. I am leaving notice is up and about to go back to my old place.....I hope I made the right decision and through this entire situation....SHOULDN'T THEY HAVE KNOWN THIS WOULD HAPPEN? WHO COULD STAY FEELING LIKE THIS? I WANTED TO BE NICE AND STAY IN TOUCH BUT HE BURNED THOSE BRIDGES DOWN. HE 3 MONTHS AGO ASKED ME TO BE CORDIAL AND WORK WITH THIS PERSON THAT HUMILIATED ME IN FRONT OF MY CO-WORKERS..INCLUDING ONE OF MY PARTNERS? REALLY? I hope and pray I am doing the right thing...scared to leave a job that I could do and that seemed secure. I am also worried that 2 or 3 years from now he will jump ship again. It is disruptive. Did not want to jump around any more...I want stability but I also do not want to work in a horrible situation and have to do work with someone that was horribly disrespectful. Thoughts? Pray that this works for me or I am unemployed. Yikes! I am also at an age where it won't be so easy to find a job. Law firm jobs are few and far between for assistants. Thanks.

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