Love, love, love!

Every year Valentine's Day reminds me of two things.

1- Those really sappy Hallmark cards and 2- those conversation candies with the messages stamped on top. Remember those? I think they are secretly made out of chalk : )

Of course, the purpose of the holiday is a reminder to celebrate love and it got me thinking...

Have you ever had a past job or a boss that you REALLY loved?

For me, it was when I was a teacher in a small elementary school in Connecticut. The principal not only loved her job, but she shared that joy with every child, parent, and teacher she met. I once watched her dress up as a Polar bear (the school mascot) on the first day of school to welcome the students back. She stood outside in a furry bear suit in the 98-degree heat that day waving, and she never once complained.

I loved that job because I had a fantastic leader who everyone wanted to surround themselves with.

Now it's your turn to share. : )

What was a job or boss you loved and why?

What made them special?

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