William Wright
about 1 year ago

Discriminated by employer

So early last month I was sick with asthma/bronchitis and I was in the hospital for three to four days/nights getting treatments, taking medicine, whatever. I was in the hospital from June 10th- June 13th. So I got cleared by the doctors on June 13th although I did rest for a few days before I tried to see if I can go back to work at the restaurant. Then I went to the restaurant on June 17th to try to go back to work so the employers/management wouldn't let me back to work & they promised me that they would try to let me to work the next week. So I went back to the restaurant on June 24th to see if they let me back to work and then they're making excuses that they can't let me back to work. So hired new people to take my place and they didn't even say I was fired or still employed. I filed for unemployment on the same day meaning 24th plus I called discrimination lawyers to get their advice to see if I can bring a lawsuit towards the employer and they said that if I got concrete evidence vs them that I could a lawsuit vs them. So I've been out looking for a new job and I did get an interview a couple of days ago and I could be working at a hotel soon because they said that they got to check my background and I get an orientation to start in a week and a half or two weeks. So I'm trying to make ends meet and not let anything discourage me.

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Ashley Wilson

I am so sorry things were difficult William Wright but it's great you were able to rise above your difficulties and found a better opportunity!!

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