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Susan Murdoch
Bullet point

Why is there a prevalence of bullies and a marked lack of integrity in so many work places now? People are lying, engaging in illegal practices and activities, and getting away with it? What used to be considered unacceptable is not only tolerated, but is now considered the norm in many situations. HOW is this even possible in the medical field, or any other? I was once told that I was going to be run out because I " work too hard and we try to work as little as possible here" They , the coworkers, made a plan, set me up, falsely accused me of wrong doing and ran me out. All because I did my job and took pride in my work. (The accusation cracked me up in this instance because they told the doctor that I gave the patient incorrect instructions. How? I DO NOT speak Spanish and tha patient ONLY spoke Spanish.) I have seen a marked lack of integrity and find it shocking. Harassment, name calling, racism, actual sabotage and abuse seems to be acceptable now IF the victim is caucasian in appearance.
Why is a lack of integrity considered the norm now in so many organizations? What happened to taking pride in a job well done and done correctly? ( kinda important in the medical field) What happened to INTEGRITY as a whole?

7 months ago
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