I was hoping for an information interview Friday, when I have my background check official to present ,. I made a... see more

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Don't take it personally -- you did a good job. You were laid off beyond your control -- type cna staffing and... see more

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Move on. Something will open up

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I can relate to this. Something similar happen to me. Awhile back I was a CNA. I loved spending time with the... see more

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With the large number of patients who need care for themselves, I wouldn't think that it would be that difficult to... see more

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Looks like a cut and dried case of retaliation, talk to some workplace lawyers

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If you would like your job back, go to the unemployment office and ask for a labor board meeting, the hospital has... see more

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Never let anyone/ or place get you down.
Get out there, and find the Right place for you!

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Look for another CNA job OR BETTER YET, use this as an opportunity to go back to school for LVN or RN license! You... see more

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Wow! all this in one place and this short period of time. Sounds like it's not a good fit for you and your expert... see more

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