What to do next?

My name is Vika. I was let go from a job as a CNA. I was let go due to the fact that I was a “good CNA” just not for this facility. We were always short staffed, and always a demand for excellent care. This was my first job as a CNA, was told this was a good place. They wanted me to work overtime quite a bit(I was FT, 40hrs) , and only did it once, will never do it again. There was a lot of back sneaking done unfortunately, people saying one thing and then shooting you for what you do right. Had a work men’s comp case and somewhere in the process they stopped talking to me about what happened then I was denied. Had to go back and reexplain the situation and then they said something else and eventually it came out that I didn’t tell them all the details, which didn’t happen. It ended up that my employer was wrong and I was compensated. Somewhere they made it sound like my fault, when I was doing they wanted. All this to say they didn’t like me cause I wasn’t pleasing their residents, and didn’t quite cut their unrealistic goals for patient care. Even weirder my manager fired me over the phone on my day off, odd enough on top of everything else. Please give me any advice on how to view this, and what to expect. I really loved the place, and would love to work with patients.




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