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Joel McRorie
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Imagine you receive a postcard in the mail inviting you to apply for full time delivery positions. You scan the QR code and open a link to schedule an interview. When you arrive that the interview the interviewer is not prepared. They are not aware of you or your appt. This is what happened to me.

The interviewer wanted to let me know that he is a contractor (those blue delivery vans) and tells me that the position does not pay what the online descriptions said. He goes on to say that this is a seasonal position that ends on December 27th. And, because of the fact that it would take a couple of weeks to process me as a new hire (drug screenings and what have you) so it would be pointless to apply further. There is no possibility of it becoming a full time job.

The interviewer had a lot of negative things to say about Amazon advertising these seasonal positions so late. It is clear that Amazon has the technology to communicate to the hiring contractor of scheduled interviews and to provide accurate information in the job description advising that this is not an Amazon position.

To sum things ups, this was a complete waste of his time and mine. Don't let it be of yours. Know what you are getting into. Amazon does have warehouse positions and they hire Flex drivers which has a higher rate of pay. However, those schedules are typically 4 hours a day and per the interviewer most Flex drivers finish their deliveries in 2 and a half hours. #jobsearch #amazon #hiring #seasonal #wordsofadvice

over 2 years ago
Janice Reed
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Thanks so much for willing to share your experiences with us. Are you still looking for opportunity? Any specific type or company do you have in mind?