Because of Shabi mainly , and my old boss Brian Lehman , it was the coolest environment. Shabi really cares about his people. Workers ,friends & family. The place is up beat & comfortable to relax or party. Football season is here , it’s on at 7s or Js Bar & Grill. Party on the patio thursday evenings Is live at 5. Well 5 pm to 10 pm then we quiet down for our residence across Sony.. I loved 7s Bar & Grill. Shabi makes everyone lucky enough to know him feel important & loved. Christmas time is my absolute favorite time that I can remember , it’s stands out hands down. Shabi goes out and buys 200 bikes ( or so) for all the kids in foster homes . 7s serves turkey dinner and deserts to bus loads of children .. Shabi said it’s his favorite time of the season . So he can see the kids faces when they come in and bikes are everywhere. That was great. I loved working at 7s

10 months ago
Lawrence WhiteCommunity Specialist
Community Specialist

Sounds like a great place to work and an even better spot to visit @LISA BAILEY . Are you still working there or did you transition into another job opportunity? Do you know if the restaurant is sill hiring?

You should send a Jobcase Praise out to Shabi and other stand-out co-workers so they can have and use your appreciation to BOOST their current and future career goals.

You heard it here folks... J's Bar & Grill | Great Place to Work

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