Stress and Anxiety

I work for almost 8 years with this client he is 27 years old this kid couldn't walk couldn't eat always hitting himself constantly like in a way that he just wanted to kill himself and get it over with he will bite himself pinch the skin off it took me 8 years so he could stop at least 75% of all he used to do it was so hard to change him but he did a wonderful job he's a wonderful kid the mother is the co- founder in the CEO of the program adults with disabilities attend liked school...well, after to many years i finally had guts to let her know that I won't be available to take that drive no more since she moving further away dad gave me the encouragement to say it cuz she's me what's in the process to move in the next 4 weeks so I had to say something before that.... the next thing I know she emailed me saying that she doesn't want me to work with her son ever again or not to come to her house for more now since she owns the program just asking her manager to fired me because I know too much now I am so much and stress my body shakes I cry for everytime i go into work my back hurts my shoulder hurts like if I dislocated and my neck I can't sleep I get nauseous a lot. My appetite comes and go. I remember the mom saying to me one time I get what I want when I want and if I don't get it I will make sure that I will give him a hard time enough for them to quit the fight and I'm glad I have a friend who's the director and it's my best friend and she would do anything for me. I am very scared they have so much powerful people please help me tell me what to do I sometimes see emotional abuse in that program and everytime I inform her about it she just says don't worry about it leave it alone and they're very rich people who says this to me please help me please I'm so scared I believe they just going to ruin my reputation so I will make sure I will never never work in my life again because I know too much I've been to their houses her seem everything

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