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Coca Cola stands behind supporting many diverse groups in their career growth. Let's check them out!

Women's Linc BRG

Coca-Cola Women’s LINC BRG is a group of influencing members working together to help advance women in their career and contribute to the business through peer-to-peer counseling and resources, trainings, inspiring talks, and much more.

Hispanic BRG

The Hispanic BRG's mission is to recruit, retain, and develop the best Hispanic talent and share the Hispanic culture and insights across the organization.

Asian BRG

The Asian Business Resource Group represents 46 countries across five regions. It’s their vision to inclusively connect and engage all associates of all backgrounds to lead a culture that delivers growth both personally and professionally.

Black Employee Network

The Black Employee Network provides opportunities for personal and professional growth for all associates through the execution of learning forums, development workshops and events that build cultural competency to encourage associates to bring their authentic self to work.


The mission is to foster an equitable, inclusive, and engaging work environment where LGBTQA employees are valued for their contributions and are free to participate fully without fear of reprisal or discrimination of any kind.

Military Veteran's BRG

The Military Veterans BRG mission help veterans succeed professionally at Coca-Cola, leverage veteran expertise and credibility to assist customer teams and drive sales and continue the mission of service to others by assisting external veterans and the local community.

Interested in joining the Coca Cola team?

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over 2 years ago
Fire Snake
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Reading over this, The only obvious thing is that they clearly dont want White People and are afraid to put "White people need not apply" on the application. So they just beat around the bush about it. "Be less White" I suppose.

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