I need help

I haven't come down for you to pass 7 years my boss loves me but I can't do this type of work no more I'm I'm 41 years old this job breaks you down this is my problem I wouldn't apply for Walmart distribution Center I passed two logistic test I wrote up there in that pasture safety logistics test I went back up there they may be a job offer when took my piss test pass that they told me I was just waiting on orientation then I said I'll be making 1795 an hour be working Saturday Sunday and Monday night 3:12 did my background check I had two contested and all my time right now for my application and send me some in the mail saying denied I don't have no felonies on my background record I did have a warrant at the time that I didn't know about my driver's license was suspended at the after spending no more I need that job tell me what I can do

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