How do you deal with rejection?

Being rejected never feels good, but as job seekers it’s often unavoidable. From situations where you may submit applications without hearing back at all, to situations where you might get all the way through to an interview and then…nothing!

It can be super frustrating, but we all cope in our own way. When I was interviewing I made a conscious effort to never wait around for communication after submitting my resume. It meant that I was able to submit more applications and I was always pleasantly surprised when I heard back from an employer. If I didn’t hear back, or got a rejection, oh well! I already had ten other applications out that day!

By keeping my expectations low, I was able to keep myself from getting disappointed if I didn’t hear back.

When we keep ourselves busy, it can also help us from feeling the emotional stress that comes with job seeking.

What do you do to deal with rejection? How do you think your method can help other job seekers?

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