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A job seeker told me that they feel like they’re having a panic attack before a job interview?

Does a job interview make you feel that same way? Does your heart race? Do you find it difficult to think clearly? Does your breathing become difficult? Is it hard to get your words out? Well, fear no more because today, I’m sharing seven steps to conquering those jitters, boost your confidence, present your best self, and ace your next job interview. JOB INTERVIEW ZEN:

First, The Application of Knowledge is Power – There is no magic potion to success. You must take action and that means doing your part. Doing your part involves engaging in proper preparation. So, research the employer that you’ll interview with. Dissect the vacancy announcement that you applied to and identify the role’s main responsibilities. Then, rehearse your answers to interview questions that relate that area of expertise. Make certain that you can share examples of your work that prove your experience related the job.
Visualize your triumph – Imagination meets success. So, start by closing your eyes. Now, picture yourself confidently answering questions, building a healthy rapport with the interviewer, and receiving a job offer. You see, visualization primes your mind for success, reduces anxiety, and helps you perform your best when the moment arrives. Remember, that if your mind can see it, you can achieve it.
Master the Art of Deep Breathing – Deep breathing exercises are the ultimate stress busters. So, inhale deeply through your nose, hold it while counting to five, then exhale slowly. Include this technique in your interview prep routine several times leading up to your interview. On your big day, repeat it as you get dressed. Repeat it on your way to your interview…even if it’s only from your bedroom to your home office. Finally, repeat it immediately before your interview begins. You will be amazed at how effectively this practice will calm your nerves and create a sense of focus and clarity.
Power Pose Your Way to Success – Embrace the power of body language by striking a confident pose. Doing so will send signals to your brain that you’re ready to conquer any obstacles. So, stand tall, pull your shoulders back, and place your hands on your hips for a few minutes. Believe it or not, this pose will boost your confidence, reduce stress, and help you radiate an air of self-assuredness.
Set the Mood with Confidence-Boosting Music – Music has the power to elevate your mood, reduce anxiety, and set the stage for a winning performance. Create a playlist that energizes and empowers you to get pumped. Choose songs with positive lyrics, uplifting beats, and inspiring melodies. Singing along, or listening and absorbing the lyrics into your psyche will boost your confidence before your interview and set the stage for your winning performance.
Embrace Mindful Movement – Combine mindfulness and physical activity by practicing yoga or tai chi. Both are great examples of mindful movement that center your mind and your body. These exercises enhance focus, promote relaxation, and help you feel grounded and present in the moment which are key to high levels of performance.
Last, but not least, Dress for Success – Feeling good about your appearance can influence your mindset quickly. Even if your interview is virtual and will not require that you have your camera on, wear an outfit that would be appropriate for the workplace. When you see yourself in the mirror, you will be able to imagine yourself doing that job. You’ll exude confidence and create an instant positive impression on yourself and that is key to your success.


We’re all on a journey of continuous improvement…right? So, build your interview muscles by creating your core interview preparation routine around these steps. Reflect on your performance after each interview and be honest with yourself about areas where you could improve. With each adjustment, you’ll develop your own interview style. And, as you settle into it, so will your nerves. Then you’ll step into your authority and subtly take control of your next interview. You’ll soon land your new job.

If possible, also request feedback from your interviewer. Doing so will demonstrate your commitment to self-improvement and on-going growth.

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Until next time…Career Search Success to You! Go Get Your New Job! #jobsearch #interview #motivation #newjob

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Nur Yunlu
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Thank you for sharing

Alexander Montoya
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@Cynthia Okonkwo I’ve had so many job interviews I don’t get like that anymore. I noticed employers are attracted to someone with confidence so that’s always been the key to me getting hired on the spot. Great information and tips!