I need a new job

I was used up at my job and had reached the concrete ceiling. They began to garnish my wages as a form of discipline for me not complying to the schedule where i was once the only employee on duty for years cooking for a full house restaurant multiple times a week..alone.. all part of a 12 to 13 hr shift that i endured 60+ hrs a week for around 2 years, they hired a new guy who was not as good as me but because he wanted hours they cut mine and gave it to him and claimed it was so i could recover from working so hard. When i recieved my check it was not even half of my hardearned money, I went to speak to the owner about my funds after getting the run around for 2 weeks. He then laughed and explained that i didnt work enough to be paid my cash overtime and asked me why i didnt work as much as i used to. I felt devastated so much that i havent been back to my job of 4 years. I feel stole from where do i look now.




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