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David Bryson
Bullet point
Wiring Technician at W Industries

Run the Other Way! Their wiring department is a joke and the manager is the absolute worst I've ever encountered. She is inept, harasses her employees to the point of tears, bullies, doesn't know how to manage jobs/timing requiring employees to work overtime when unnecessary. Just know if you work here you will not have a life outside of work and they could care less. When I took my concerns to HR, I was then fired for a made-up reason and I have been there for over 10 years. This place is full of nepotism, conflicts of interest, and an owner who would rather keep a bad manager on simply because they know each other outside of work and go fishing together, than listen to and do what's in the best interest of his employees. Seriously, unless you want to work for a tyrant and lose your family because you are working 12 hour days 7 days a week for years, then find something else... somewhere that actually cares about it's employees. #management #jobsearch #stressful #advice #schedule #aboutmyjob

over 2 years ago
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