What's the Best Way To...... Without Jeopardizing Your Job?

I am a temp registered with multiple staffing agencies. Last week, I was on an assignment, and although the client gave my Agency/employer very positive feedback on my job performance, they ended my assignment with them due to an encounter I had with a newly hired co-worker. This co-worker had just gotten hired on as an Accounting Clerk; NOT a supervisor nor manager of any kind. In just two hours into her first day of work, and while still undergoing "New-Hire Orientation Training", she was approaching and addressing me as if I worked for her. For example, she was telling me to run errands for her; make her photocopies and fetch her any office supplies that she needed; she even began asking me what my work hours were, what time I planned on taking lunch, what tasks was I working on, and the like. I wasted no time in "letting her have it"; I pointedly told her that I was her peer, NOT her subordinate, that I did not work for her and that I had a supervisor from whom I took direction, and that she was out of line)

I am a good, reliable employee, but I also believe in "defending myself" and putting others in their place if I feel that other parties are "overstepping boundaries" or are "trying to take advantage". Unfortunately my temper and outspokenness has not always served me well. What assistance can you offer? I value your insight and guidance. Thank you.

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