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It's Your Time Believe and Achieve
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Must Read Without Failure!

Listen carefully,

"What you tell your children to read, they'll only remember. When you teach your children to study, they'll grow to become doctors, lawyers, engineers and more according to the desires of their hearts.

What you teach your children, is what they'll strive to become.

I Believe You Can...!

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6 months ago
Manoj Chacko
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Yes your kids will do and listen to what you say , thats an ideal statement but I know of kids growing up with incomplete families and still turning out as successful people in life. To be honest anyone can become an engineer or doctor. With 26 years in the corporate world for me I look for good souls. Attitude is everything and I have experienced. I lived and worked in 6 continents To the kids who never had this opportunity with parents and guidance… what I know is everyone will find their way out, some will do it easy some will do it later. Some pretend to listen but will follow their heart.

To the kids I say : be a better person - Respect everyone at all levels Its ok to apologize, its good to acknowledge and appreciate. No harm in accepting faults and apologizing for the same. Be honest. Always be courteous, protect the weak and keep yourself ahead while making decisions. Don’t be a superhero but be a gentleman. Never take any decisions in haste or under emotional situations no matter even it was a happy one. Hold the doors for ladies, offer your seat to the elderly, keep faith in prayers no matter even if you are non religious be spiritual.

Remember- EGO is your biggest enemy !

Most importantly- Share what you know and learn what you don’t.