And it determined what he could see

Found this anecdote in my AJ Liebling book on my commute.
A little gem about honesty plus experience and knowing whats valuable.

“I remember when I was a lad,” Captain Billy once told me—he’s almost eighty now—“I shipped in the schooner Benjamin Akin, carrying bluestone from Roundout Creek to Mount Vernon. We had to pass up Eastchester Creek to deliver our cargo, and the old man had never been up there so he hove to and waited for a pilot.
“After a piece an old feller come along and ‘Captain,’ he says, ‘are you in want of a pilot? I been taking vessels up this creek all my life and I never been on a rock yet.’
“ ‘I’ll be damned if I believe you know where the rocks are, then,’ says the old man, and he wouldn’t have him. Along come another old feller. ‘Ever been on the rocks?’ asks the old man. ‘Been on every goddam rock in the creek,’ he says. ‘You’re the man for me,’ says the old man. ‘You got experience.”

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