Quit with faith

This past Tuesday I walked out on my job really just got tired of it working production packing wet wipes for 8 hours a day at four and a half months pregnant. Get this, my schedule was 5:55 to 2 p.m. but I had to be to work at least by 5am because no lie, I had to walk a mile to get to my actual job post. I timed myself daily which usually would take 12 to 15 minutes from my actual car to where I needed to be this is what you have to do everyday Monday through Friday sometimes Saturday through rain, hail, sleet snow, hot weather, cold weather... they don't give a damn. You have to put on all your ppe equipment before entering your site so that took atleast another 10-15 mins..me being pregnant always used the restoom before going in so another 5-8 mins gone lol but I worked my ass off doing various of different jobs that my line required.. Rather it was packing, making boxes, driving the line, stacking the pallots.. You name it while coworkers would lag around being lazy!! I really just got fed up this week and walked out...said a prayer the mile long walk back to my car... Went home changed clothes and went out to apply elsewhere.... Got hired that very next day and start my orientation Monday! Just letting anyone know keep faith and don't stay where you're unappreciated and not treated fairly. P.S. Oh and if you were even a minute late it was a point and you only got 4 1/2 before you were out the door.

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