Have teachers not taught others? Are we not capable of doing other things?

I left the teaching field after 9 years. I'd love to return to an office and continue what I've done before teaching: HR, Recruiting & Administration. No luck! I've even paid a professional to complete my resume and cover letter.
Teachers constantly meet deadlines, enter data onto spreadsheets and computer systems, print and analyze reports daily, schedule meetings, deal with the public, take minutes, create mass mailings, start file systems, work in strict confidence, collaborate, work in a team environment, solve problems, etc. I haven't lost my skills, they have improved. It's difficult to get anybody to look at my resume. I'm guessing they see teacher at the top and put the resume aside, or they just think I'm too old or inexperienced. I'm in my high 40's. Is anyone out there in their 40's or older having a hard time returning to an old career?

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