“Company not Interested in You”

Yesterday I had one job I applied for tell me the position has been filled already, I was never called for an interview but that’s not what this post is about. Now, I really wanted that job but I do have three other jobs that I have applied to and am waiting for an answer. That was yesterday. I never thought it would get as bad as what I saw today.

I applied at a Barnes and Noble in my area as a part time bookseller. The application sat there for about two weeks, allegedly not being reviewed. When I checked today on the application status it said : “Company not interested in you”. It was like a slap on the face. Apparently there are other candidates better suited for the position. 16 year olds with no experience can get hired at Barnes and Nobles as booksellers! This is supposedly an entry level job. It’s one thing when someone more qualified is chosen for the job, it’s another to hear the reason you didn’t recieve a call was because the company had zero interest in you.

I worked temporarily at H&R Block and I wonder if that had anything to do with me being rejected. But that is the only work experience I have. Now I’m worried about being rejected for the other two jobs I’ve applied to. I feel so discouraged.

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