Manager Betrayal!

I started a new job November of last year... I’m in the mortgage industry. My manager I guess ran out of his guarantee that was promised to him for 3-4 months. Guess since he didn’t have loans coming in he left mid January to another company and asked me to stay on with the lender I was with to print out all his applications so he can take it to his new company. I did as I was told and was promised to have a job with the new company he left to but wanted me to stay behind until his loan and another closed. I did it and low and behold when I resigned from the lender I was with and started at the new lender I was let go two days later! So I pretty much was used by my old manager and the worst part is that his boss knew exactly what was going on as he had his processor call me to pull a couple of his old loans! I was told I don’t have a case even though I have all the text to prove!! So now I’m a single mother jobless due to doing what I was told!!! Been looking for over a month now and no leads nor job!! Ohh his last words I will have you working soon I have a lot of connections!!! Right!! I’m jobl where are the connections now!!! What to do??? My daughter has needs and bills need to be paid and food in my daughters belly!!! I’m playing it cool for my daughter... but when she’s not around is when I breakdown!! I can’t keep this charade up much longer!!! I don’t even want to get out of bed anymore!!! Any advice??? I was told I don’t have a case has any one been through this??




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