Happy Sunday

Good afternoon,
To is a day that most people would call a rest day. Others such as my self are working, what are you doing? Sunday’s is a day when we can take some time to prepare for the week ahead. The best way to start off is by setting little goals for the upcoming week. Set a schedule for yourself to work off of. For example, if you plan on applying for 5 jobs this week you can set your goal to send one per day. This way it can allow you to stay focused on the job you are applying for. In the past I have seen people get caught up with sending multiple resumes to companies and not keep track properly only to get called by one of the positions they applied for and not be properly prepared. Before you know it you are not completely focused on the company that called. Research the company and find out things about the company that you can ask questions about. This will show the interviewer you did your homework and definitely interested in the company and position. Also this will allow you to search other job offers with practice it will make you perfect. Even if you do not land that position you will have been better prepared for the next interview. This is just one step in making your goals in obtaining the job of your dreams. Best of Luck and Best wishers to finding a job.





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