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Lawrence White
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over 6 months ago

Crossroads Solar hiring released felons!

South Bend, IN - Crossroads Solar has vowed to hire only convicted felons who have served time behind bars and earned a chance to enter the workforce with dignity.

“We discard a segment of our workforce because we assume they can’t be good. I’m building a company based on the assumption that they can be good employees.” - Patrick Regan, Crossroads’ Co-Founder

The company was formed about a year ago with plans to build something that’s good for the planet—solar panels—in a way that benefits the community, read more

Learn more about Crossroads Solar and apply online at

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Earl Louk

I read the statement of the co-founder, that man has my respect. I have been incarcerated most of my adult life on and off. Reasons because no one would pay me the money that i was worth and needed to provide for my family. A company like this would have circumvented my willingness to get caught up in crime again. And i would in my opinion only would have gone once not four times. Hats off to this company and i hope his company becomes a model for others to give people another chance. Heck i would put him up for the Nobel Peace Prize! Awesome!

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