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Jason Schaeffer
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Equipment Operations at Local 9 Operating Engineers

Before your interview at #Local 9 operating engineers make sure to...

Gather all your documented experience on heavy equipment that you can get your hands on and be sure all your necessaries are in order your gonna start paying dues and there's an initiation fee for use of training facility which is worth every red cent and then some so if you are able be prepared to make a payment if your not they will work with you to some extent my experience with locale 9 operating engineers was very satisfying and professional they will make you proud to call local 9 your home if your tired of not getting the wage to equal your experience then you are on the right track cause that's what they do is make sure your paid a fair wage for your duty along with a plethora of other Benefits but I won't spoil it for you don't waist anymore time apply today

11 months ago
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