Suspended on my day off. I know this is a really long post, but please read it. I really need some advice.

Let's start at the beginning and saying that I have been having issues with 2 older females that have been employed there longer then me and I had brought it to my manager on several occasions because day were actually causing Arguments in front of customers with me and I believe that is very unprofessional. Come to find out one of the ladies is very close with our District manager and so she tells her all kinds of lies and makes everything look like I'm the one causing the drama. I keep telling the Store manager so I can at least have my side Documented but ultimately I end up being told to grow in thicker skin because that's just how she is And she's like that to Everybody. I end up getting sick of wasting my breath and just keep my head down do my job And decide to stick it out because I make pretty good money in would rather not mess that up. It's always her word over mine and till one night she tried to fight me and I get it all on video And Before I even get a chance to turn it in I am informed By another boss bet he has googled my name in he found out that I am a convicted Felon. I ask him if hes gonna fire me and he tells me No because I am a great worker And I'm A good asset to the company but at any time I could be fired. A week later Her friend that works there got mad at me and The 2 ladies decided they would make an anonymous Call to the corporate hotline and Lie Saying that they saw me pull a knife on a customer. I get a call 2 days later on my day off informing me that I been suspended For pulling A knife on somebody And they are doing an investigation Which means they are having corporate watch the surveillance videos. Now at this time my managers already know That this was a bogus call and Also know who is responsible for making up The story and reporting it And she was placed on leave of absence but able to return to another store at a later date. Then I am informed that they have now found out at corporate That I am a convicted felon and until I can prove to them that I am not I am In definitely suspended. I have been tone different things by different managers about their felony Policy and one manager says that they are absolutely forbidden no matter what and the district manager says that it depends on the felony And different things blah blah blah. After 2 weeks I finally get somebody to Text me back a number that I should call to find Out if I'm still considered an employee or still suspended and under investigation or if I have been fired. Turns out they fired me because I am A convicted felon. Meanwhile I get The full names of the 2 ladies that did this to me and I pay For a month unlimited access to where I Then run a Back ground check on both of the other females because I know I have heard them talk about their many times in prison. It turns out one has been to prison for aggravated robbery and has multiple prostitution charges as well as theft and the other lady has multiple prostitution as well as possession of controlled substance More than once And other violent crimes. But why am I the only one who got fired? I could understand if I ways a crapy worker or I did not perform my job well or get along with my other coworkers as well as my managers but I did not have any of those problems. The only thing I can think of is because I was There the shorter amount of time of only 4 months. I feel like I was discriminated against and unfairly treated not to mention I was working in a hostile work environment which I reported many many times to managers and was told to grow a thicker skin. Does anybody think I should contact a lawyer in this situation And if so do you have any suggestions on what kind of lawyer or possibly a name?

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