Keep going

I read this from others now it happened to me. I went on interview after interview and was turned down trying to get a better job.
One lady told me she thought she should pay me close to minimum wage for a job that should make a lot more based only on the fact I was a homemaker for 11 years, but I was working for 2 years at a different job. I told her thank you for her time and left the interview. I also filled out endless applications just trying to find a better job. I am 40 years old.
So, I now have a job paying a lot more than all the employers that turned me down. I stuck it out and I was persistant and did not give up.
I read something like this from another jobcaser when I was struggling... Feeling hopeless then.
Do not give up, keep trying sometimes we are being protected by people that turn us down or doors that remain shut, for the very thing that we are called to do.
God bless you all and keep fighting!




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