Overcoming the past...

Did you know that more than one in four adults in America has a criminal record, but a majority of them currently pose no actual threat to public safety?

Many applicants are denied jobs based on these background checks alone.

What if for example you were charged with breaking and entering when you were 19, but now as a mature and wiser 30-year old that record has stuck with you.

How do you move on?

Here are some tips to help get you on track!

1- Create a resume
You can do this by simply filling out your Jobcase profile and turning it into a resume by clicking on the resume tab and then download! For tips on what to add as an ex-felon check out this helpful article.

2- Use your resources
Check out Second Chance Act Grant Program which was created to help improve outcomes for people returning from state and federal prisons, local jails, and juvenile facilities.

3- Check out which companies hire those with a past:
A number of companies are known to hire those who have past felonies or convictions, and they typically have specific recruitment, onboarding, and management programs to ensure a successful and positive employee experience. Some companies that are supportive of this process are Kohl’s, PetSmart, Ace Hardware, Denny’s, Chili’s, Olive Garden, Xerox, Sprint and Manpower. You can see more employers here*.

4- Explain your past
When a potential employer inquires about your past be honest. Explain that although you made a mistake you are moving forward. Then be sure to back this up with examples of how you have been progressing in the right direction. This could be through volunteering, taking online courses, or any other ways you are working to better yourself!

5- Join support groups
There is strength in numbers! We have lots of support right here on the Jobcase community, but also consider joining groups closeby to you where you can meet with others who have faced the same challenges as you.

Do you have any tips that have worked well for you or someone close to you?

Please share them in the comments!

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