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Roger Champlin
1901 S 21st St
Parsons, KS

Holiday's Season

I got hired to work the Holiday season went to parsons,ks for the meeting got my Uniforms then never got to work one Day!!!!...that's just not right at all to do anyone that way. Only call it got was after Christmas that they needed there Uniform back now so I asked them to get one of there Drivers to pick it up I just wasn't going to be out the gas money on any of it at that point....It wasn't a good experience at all.


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Wow, how crappy of them!

Chad Carney

Yes they are a very shity company I will never use them for anything

tom sexton

That is just wrong

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Roger in sorry to gear that. My name is Jessica Turbeville and I live in Ocala Fl. So you got the job at ups as working seasonal? Or you got uniforms and now not working? I'm trying to to get on w ups here where I live but no luck yet.

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I'm sorry Roger didn't read your whole page. Now I understand. Wow so no reply on why you had to return uniforms? Keep your head up it will get better.

Roger Champlin

I was to be a seasonal Driver Helper never got a Day of work at all after coming in for the meeting & issued Uniforms also. Very negative experience you just don't do anyone that way it's bad policyholders makes them look bad idea think they wouldn't want that at all.

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I'm sorry to hear that Roger. My pops worked for ups for 30 years in California as a full time employee as a delivery driver. But we live in Ocala FL. Now and I'm trying to get in w the ups company. What were you gonna work as?

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Ok a delivery driver. It seems that's all they are looking for. This sucks I need a job ASAP.

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trump just Got 15 to 1800 jobs with Lockheed Martin that's a Great Life time career that pays much better

Kathleen McDonald

Wow. That's a pretty reputable company. Their reputation is going to suck if they keep that kind of practice up. I'm sorry you went through this. know how disappointed, frustrated and even angry you must have felt.

I am here for support Unknown

Bro don't waste your time at UPS one stop career center has free training in any field you want ao you can get ahead. They will provide bus pass.