How Self-Reflection Can Help Your Career

You may think of self-reflection as more of a personal pursuit related to overall happiness and wellbeing, but being self-reflective can help you to get (and better keep) your next job.

When you reflect on your career, you can uncover some interesting truths about yourself like...

  • What motivates me?
  • Where do I want my life/career to go?
  • Do I feel satisfied with my life/career so far?
  • What kind of person/employee am I/ do I want to be?

When you reflect on these questions, consider your past habits and patterns and be honest with yourself about what they may say about you. If those patterns are not what you want for yourself, think about steps you can take to prevent those patterns in the future.

The more you reflect on these key questions, the more direction in your career you will come to have. When you have more career direction you’re likely to have more clarity on the jobs you’re looking for.

And with all this direction and clarity comes confidence, a crucial component to any successful interview!

What about you? Do you have questions that helped you gain more career clarity? Post them below!

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