Jack Harrold
7 months ago

Why I didn't go back to my last job

When I was cleaning in my floral department I was cleaning the back walls when I experienced a electrical shock to my right hand, it hurt and caused the lights to flicker within my department. The resulting shock caused a second degree burn and blistered, while painful I was able to handle the injury with ease. However when I called for a manager to come to assist in the situation, he didn't come till I was clocked out of my own shift and I had debriefed my coworker on the situation. He blamed me for the injury stating that i was my incompetents that caused it as I had a dampened cloth in hand ignoring the fact that I had told him that it wasn't form the wall outlet it self but rather the the metal plate covering it. After I told him this he surged his shoulders told me and my coworker not to touch it if we really felt that there was problem with it, I left a note for my manager of the floral department who later told me it was put in with higher ups to see if there was infact a problem. It was months later that a crew came in killed the power and removed the cover to find that wires had become disconnected form the back of the out let and was touching the metal plate covering and that it posed not only a health hazard but a fire hazard as well and nothing was done with it for months. I received no acknowledgement for my injury nor for the fact that it was not my fault for my injury. The manager who also believed it was me being careless didn't give me an apology for what I experienced. That is why I walked out and never returned.

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