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over 1 year ago

Should I have just walked out and quit?

I am 2nd in command at a small company, which includes HR. The owner can be a hot head. There was a meeting that upset several employees yesterday and they came to me. I tried to let him know what some of the issues were and he went off. I was cursed at in externally fowl language, told that I was failing at my job, told I was telling him he was failing at his job and I was wrong about it. The entire office heard everything. The employees were crying uncontrollably. I was demanded to clean up after people in a disgusting manner. Everything calmed down a bit at this point. I plan on going into his office and telling him he can never speak to me that way again or I will immediately walk out the door and never return. Is this the proper response to this situation? I've been looking for something already since problems like this arise all the time, but I have never been verbally assaulted like this in my entire life. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Again, it is a very small office.

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