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A fellow Jobcaser 11 mth

Should I have just walked out and quit?

I am 2nd in command at a small company, which includes HR. The owner can be a hot head. There was a meeting that upset several employees yesterday and they came to me. I tried to let him know what some of the issues were and he went off. I was cursed at in externally fowl language, told that I was failing at my job, told I was telling him he was failing at his job and I was wrong about it. The entire office heard everything. The employees were crying uncontrollably. I was demanded to clean up after people in a disgusting manner. Everything calmed down a bit at this point. I plan on going into his office and telling him he can never speak to me that way again or I will immediately walk out the door and never return. Is this the proper response to this situation? I've been looking for something already since problems like this arise all the time, but I have never been verbally assaulted like this in my entire life. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Again, it is a very small office.


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Cooler heads prevail. Don't walk out. Reassess the real problems and bring those items up at a different time when you and the owner calm down. Gather your facts; check your emotions; be firm; and make sure you let your owner know you didn't appreciate the fowl language. Once a second meeting is scheduled, assess the atmosphere and make an unemotional decision. If the decision is to resign, I'd have the letter with you. Present it to the owner with the proper lead time, whether it is 2 weeks or 4 weeks. Be classy. Most companies may let you leave that day with 2 weeks pay. Maybe your owner had a bad day. Maybe he realized he made a mistake and will apologize. Time will tell.

marcelle simpson

My heart goes out to you, do not stay because of salary or position. You are a grown woman know your value and worth you should not be looked down upon or talked to in such a ill matter. You do have a right as a fellow human being to speak your mind respectively to let this individual know that by no means any circumstance that You should be talk to in a Childish language. Keep your dignity no matter what I will say you deserve better see yourself doing better get a around people that is a inspiration to you. To motivate you to grow the atmosphere is bad there find your way out of it. This is only a sign telling you to move on to better opportunities that await you. Take this as urgency snd action don't settle for less.God bless you on your journey you will succeed.

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The owner has created a hostile work environment. The kind of verbal assault you described would entitle you quit and qualify for unemployment. If he can't control his temper he'll never get results from people he wants, much less being able to keep them.

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Katie, after reading your story... I do not think anyone today can curse, & demean another co-worker.....I would seek legal advice........You have have to pick your battles, & this may be one of them...I work pt-time retail, but also have my own Cln'ng Serv..There is a Operation's mgr. who seem's to enjoy being condescending to the more mature gal's....Personally I think it's an insecurity on his part, because myself, & another associate have strong personalities, so it seem's when he gets the chance he shows his not nice behavior....but your 1st in command is totally out of line.....K

patricia pope

why quit he can be dealt with legally when small companies can't afford to be sued they don't need the bad rep so they fired that but whole when the company folded I found out they ship him to another department!!!!!!!!!!!!! men do that to women all the time because they know we will cry and quit, than they put their mistress in our place no girl if you like your job and you are good at it put your big girl panties on and file litigation Or Go To the EEOC in your town.

wenona hollis

Write him an email talking about what occurred and how you felt. this is to protect you from any back lash. The goal is to get him to admit what he did so u won't have to use witnesses in the event for legal purpose. Or just have on record what happened. U need to document anyway. Because u leave he will definitely defend his nasty behavior. Don't make the transition with you leaving needing him or leaving him with power take your power with u by documenting

Kevin Lacey

My advice for you will be to contact an attorney and then contact your local EEOC do not resign your position

Ray Gonzales

Shut the fuck up

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I personally think you should not quit, but change the office dynamic and let the upper boss know How you feel about the situation that occured and then if it keeps happening then make a report of it and have the witness sign and date that report of what they heard and felt about the office dynamic. Maybe a outside intensitive training needs to happen. Diversity retraining by internal house representative that way that person can see the office in full swing to understand what are the issues and come up with a proper change in implementing staff.