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OUTSOURCING 2D GRAPHICS FOR GAMES One of the priority areas of work for the outsourcing studio Whimsy Games is the creation of 2D character animation to order, as well as outsourcing of graphics for games and applications on Unity, Unreal and others. We export models in the required format, and help to choose the right technologies for the development of the project. The experience of working on TV and in game development allows not only creating graphic content, but making the final picture tailored for specific tasks. Whimsy Games offers an expanded range of outsourcing services at fair prices.

ORDER CONTENT IN PARTS AND WORK AT A CONVENIENT SPEED Are you an independent programmer, game designer or development team? Are you planning to develop a game with beautiful characters, locations and smooth animations? We are glad to offer our creativity, experience and attention. It is profitable for small studios to outsource graphics for computer games. After all, this does not require hiring a professional modeler and animator in one person. Just order services as needed. While saving the budget, we divide the order into stages and do it in parts.

WE INTERACT WITH DEVELOPERS AND CONTROL THE QUALITY OF YOUR CONTENT When working on 2d content for games, we see it through to the end. Developers often tell how they ordered graphics from remote outsourcing studios and did not get the desired result. Models and animations could not be exported to the engine, since they were created using technologies that were not suitable for game development. Unscrupulous freelancers did not take into account the technical requirements for the job, took an advance payment, made a low-quality product, and abandoned the project they were entrusted with working on. On the contrary, we not only work on graphics, but also interact with the customer's team, use your utilities and tools, check the performance of the created 2d content.

WE SUPPORT LONG PROJECTS We have a number of projects backed by 2d content and we still support them as needed. Developers of online games over time add new mechanics, items, clothes or characters to the game, and we help them with this. we advise on controversial issues.

WE CONSULT ON THE CHOICE OF GRAPHIC TECHNOLOGIES FOR GAMES we advise on the integration of graphic content into the game and on the choice of technologies for your project Whimsy Games studio will help you with good advice and consult on controversial issues. We also help in solving problems typical for gamedev, for example, when a model is exported crookedly.

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