Dr. Paulette Dale

STOP!” 🛑 he shouted. “I just gave you a gift 🎁 and you threw it on the floor!”

As I began to apologize, my college professor admonished me in the large lecture hall:

“Learn to accept compliments gracefully. Say a simple ‘thank you’ next time.“

(For context: Dr. Reynolds publicly praised my presentation. Wrinkling my nose as if disgusted, I muttered, “It wasn’t as good as the others.“)

Many people have a difficult time accepting praise🙌. They become embarrassed 🙈 and brush the compliment off with some deprecating remark.

When praised for their appearance/personality/a job well done, I’ve heard such comments as:

❌You can’t be serious.

❌You need glasses👓. I gained a lot of weight.

❌How could you like my new haircut? It makes my nose👃 look big.

❌I didn’t do anything special. Anyone could have done it. 🤷‍♀️

When people tell you that you’re special, or you look nice, or you’ve done a good job, accept their remarks with an assertive “Thank you.”

Tossing the praise off makes the compliment giver feel as if they have shown poor judgment:

👉You’re attacking their opinions and observations of you.

👉Comments that discount the compliment discount the compliment giver

Confident, assertive communicators accept direct praise without downplaying or ridiculing it with belittling remarks.

Compliments are a form of social interaction.

We all give them; we all receive them.

Just as important as learning to give a compliment is learning to take one!

The next time you feel uncomfortable when someone pays you a compliment, tell yourself:

✔️This person has praised me. ✔️I should feel good about it, not embarrassed.
✔️I should make them feel glad they praised me, not sorry!

Accepting a compliment gracefully involves four simple steps:

1️⃣ Hold your head high.

2️⃣ Look the person in the eye. 👁

3️⃣ Smile. 😀

4️⃣ Say, “Thank you.“ 🙏 [“I appreciate that,” or “What a nice thing to say.”] PERIOD

Practice the steps while looking in the mirror.

You’ll soon be accepting compliments with style and grace.

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2 months ago
Dr. Paulette Dale

Thank you for your positive feedback. It’s important to remember that compliments aren’t only about us. They are also about the compliment giver.

Phoebe Montrie

It can definitely be hard for a lot of folks to accept compliments without brushing them off, or responding awkwardly! Thanks for your advice on how to handle them with more grace in the future! ❤️