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#MyThoughts on Getting Hired Part 1

Good Morning Community: As I promised to share with you, #MyThoughts on how to land a new career. Now that your Profile and Social Media accounts are updated it’s time to think of the career. Most people jump right into the job searching right away. With the New Year comes New Beginnings when thinking about careers and career changes. Before starting the Job Search Process why not focus on what it is you want to do?

We’ve all been in this situation at least once in our careers:

You spend days upon days going through job ads, hours upon hours tweaking your resume to fit each position, prepare to attend countless interviews and then… nothing.

You’re back right at the beginning of the cycle, going through more job ads and wondering if you’ll ever get out of this loop.

Chances are that right now, there’s something missing in your job-search process.

Maybe your resume isn’t ATS-friendly and never made it to a recruiter’s hands. Or maybe you’re not looking for ads in the right places.

Whatever it might be, we’ll teach you how to fix it with our 35+ essential job search tips!

To make this an easier read, we split up the job search tips into 3 different categories for your convenience:

Job-Search Tips - Everything you need to know about the job-search process itself. Resume Tips - A resume can make or break your job search. In this section, we’ll give you all the essential tips on making a convincing resume. Interview Tips - Not a fan of interviews? At first, no one is! But with our interview tips, you’ll feel more confident than ever. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get right to it!

Job-Search Tips (To Help You Find The Right Job)

Step one of the process: scouting for opportunities.

Before you dive in and apply, you need to search for places where you, your skills, and your goals would fit.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when job-searching:

#1. Identify Your Career Goals

Before beginning your job search, especially if you’re a recent graduate or you’re changing careers, you need to sort out your career goals and narrow down your search.

If you’re just looking for any random job, you won’t even know where to start your search from.

Instead, ask yourself: What industry am I aiming for? What specific position? Do I have a dream job? If yes, what steps do I need to take in order to get there?

Asking these questions will help you figure out what exactly it is that you’re looking for.

#2. Dedicate Time to the Search

Looking for a job is not a part-time engagement or a weekend activity. You need to be constantly on the lookout.

Schedule a number of hours/day or some specific days/week that you will dedicate to your job search and don’t stop until you have a few interviews lined up.

Alternatively, you can also set a goal to apply for 10 - 20 jobs on a daily basis.

If you do not have enough free time, you can use tools such as LoopCV that automates your job application process by collecting millions of job postings, matching your profile, and applies on your behalf. They do this in 4 easy steps:

Upload your CV and define your job preferences Create one or more job searches (Loops) LoopCV will search for matches and alert you immediately LoopCV will apply on your behalf

  1. Don’t Limit Your Search to Online Resources

Social media has been revolutionary. As of 73% of young adults claimed they found a job through a social media website. That’s a lot!

However, it doesn’t mean you should close the door on other opportunities. Attend job fairs, reach out to hiring managers, or use a career counseling service.

Nothing bad can come out of expanding opportunities and taking advantage of all job search options.

#4. Make Networking Part of Your Everyday Life

Some positions get filled internally or through networking, without ever being published.

In fact, some experts say between 70-85% of people found their jobs through networking, and it makes sense. Companies are more likely to hire someone that comes with a recommendation from a trusted source than someone they found on the internet.

Networking is becoming one of the most efficient ways to finding a job and you should take advantage of that.

Get out there, have face to face conversations with people, build connections and strengthen already existing ones. Make sure they know where you currently are professionally and where you aim to go, and learn the same about them as well.

Rather than a task, you should look at networking as a way of living.

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Tara Carlson
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Virtual Assistant at Your Executive Apprentice

Michael, as always your posts are amazing!! I especially love this one for many reasons! When I got out of sales I was unsure what my next steps would be. I sat down & just brainstormed what am I good at & what do I really like doing? From that moment on my virtual assistant company took off & in the past 5 years I've never been happier!! Have a great weekend!!

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