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I just had an epiphany , I'm a single parent who relies on my kids school schedule in order to go to work. Out of the past 2 school years my kid actually went to school for maybe 6 months , 9 max. Now teachers unions want to take "mental breaks" ironically the same reason they (the unions) wanted to get the kids back into school was for the child's mental well being , now they're playing the same card to keep kids home. Here's my idea and the way I see it , its a win win win , I get a paycheck , teachers union gets their wish , and my kid gets a stable education . plus I get a tax break , considering my state taxes pay for education...well , really no point in paying those wages any more , no point in passing "school levies" . I'll be happy to teach my kid , garunteed she'll advance to the next grade because of earned merit and not a "participation trophy education". A small case teachers on here or friends of teachers...thank your union reps and congressman for provoking this train of thought. #education #jobsearch #workathome

about 1 year ago
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