Thought it was the right Job- Now I'm trying to get back at searching for a job again

Hey Everyone, Long story, I was unemployed for 6 months and a job came through right at the end. I thought it was the right job. Location was not long to commute, and the pay was great. I was trained a short amount of time and I took good notes and made my own spreadsheets that consisted of the notes that I take with step by step instructions. I even made examples of the adjustments I was required to make as part of my work. Things were going well, and it was passed 80 days and I was told to fill out all my health benefits information and pick a plan. I really thought I was going to make it pass the 90 days.

Then on day 84 (literally 4 more production days and 2 weekend days, I would have been at 90 days) they decided to call me in to a room and keep in mind I still haven't had my 60 day review, They said they were sad to say this but they have to let me go. I was informed I wasn't up to par with the processes and I was using my notes too much. I thought taking good notes and using them would be a good thing.

Now, I have gone through all the emotions and trying to get back on that stepping stone and start looking for a job again. I have gone through webinars again and trying to stay positive as I begin this job search again. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I do feel discouraged and sometimes like a failure.

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