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Have a degree but no experience

I have an associate degree in business administration. No company has hired me to gain experience. How can i gain experience if I am not hired.


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Welcome to reality! That is happening and has been happening for years! Companies can be ruthless! There are good positions out there. Keep looking. Someone will see your determination and true abilities. No matter what don't give up.

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Hi Donna, I have a bachelor's degree in literature. I have an on call substitute teaching job. It's impossible to live on a monthly paycheck and no jobs available. I'm looking for an entry level stable job. I don't know what to do in my situation.

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Hi there
My name is Michael Mills,
I got a college Bachelor degree in Human Reource Management degree, And yet I do not have a paid job in that field due to no job experience in Human Resource management. I agree no paid company will hire me to gain experience. They would rather hire someone who has alot of job experience and alot work experience. How can I gain work experience if I'm not hired. Any one knows how and can give suggestion would be appreciated. Please and thank

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A fellow Jobcaser

Donna as you can see lots of people have a degree. Some are much higher than yours. Reality here for a moment..... Your degree only offers you better choices for a few more job opportunity. It's not an overnight trip but a weekend stay. Your real education starts now. You'll do fine but plan, and execute... You're no longer in the classroom. BTW..... I hold 3 different degrees. See now what you have to deal with...