Roofers And Roofing Contractors Holiday Work Idea

Holidays are coming up and that means lots of inexperienced folk are going to be climbing up ladders, attempting to hang a bit of decorative joy.....and then tumbling down and breaking everything other than their Phooffoo valve. So as Roofing experts now is the time to advertising your balancing and decorative skills and projecting yourself as a Holiday Lights Installer And Creative Holiday Decoration consultant. You can offer your skills hanging lights on residential property walls, windows, doors chimney and roofing areas. You can be a live tree decorator skilled and able to climb trees....make them look it and a bit .... like no one else in town. Emphasize in your promo material that over 60's are the folk most likely to fall off ladders and roofs....and in your call to action ask these folk if they really think a fall is worth it when experienced roofers can perform the task with skill and agility. Also if you're a roofer in a seaside locale..... make sure you remind the locals with Solar Panels how important it is for salt and dirt to be removed from them. Why? Because it pays! Dirty Salty Solar Panels lose up to 2/3rds of their power generation capability washing them really does pay. Happy Holidays Roofers

Paul Rasmussen

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Lenin Pina

haha, Great idea Paul Rasmussen !