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Asher Beck
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almost 5 years ago
Nelson Franco
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Hi Asher Beck , welcome to the Jobcase community. First off, thank you so much for choosing this platform to raise your job search concerns.

I'm struggling over how this plays out within the high tech industry but that's probably because I've been spoiled by the incredibly diverse and progressive work cultures at companies I have had the opportunity to work for.

My understanding of the world however still forces me to believe bias hiring practices, although illegal, unfortunately still exist.

The Technology workplace is no exception but I still place place the industry among the most tolerant.

Competition! The level of competition within this environment is fierce. In demand skills, applicable experience, and overall talent are KEY! Good employers or the employers you will be happy working for, place all of their recruiting attention and value entirely on TALENT which you appear to be well-suited for.

In fact, you're the second member post I've read today with a significantly high online application to interview ratio. I know it sounds crazy but the applicant pools for Developers right now are deep with applicants. Employers get thousands of applications per job posting and in most cases rely on application tracking systems to extract the best applicants which produce not so favorable recruiting and hiring results.

Another common factor in the tech industry is the lengthy hiring process involved in getting new hire onboard. The application to grace period can take months for most companies due to all the pre-employment assessments and interview stages involved.

Don't get distracted if employers don't respond to your interview request right away. Coordinating interview timelines with all the individuals who might be involved in the hiring decisions takes time. I would probably start thinking about a strategy on how to manage all these interviews request if they decide to call in all at once. :-)

Take a moment now and upload a copy of the resume you're including with your applications to give us a better idea of the experience and skills you're showing potential employers.

Have you been on any interviews at all within the last 60 days?

I can't help thinking those calls are about to start coming in soon. Stay Encouraged!

I also want to tag Todd Tolford on this conversation. Todd has extensive talent acquisition experience within the Technology industry. He's currently a Sr. IT Recruiter at Hewlett-Packard and I think he's an excellent resource to reach out to for some more feedback on this matter.

Thanks again Asher Beck !