Troubled past? Honesty should be ur new best friend!

I have a pretty rocky past, including drug addiction, jail time & criminal charges. Our past choices will always effect our future, especially when seeking employment. But I have learned the one & only way to improve your chances of landing a job when u have rocky past like this, is to be completely open & honest about it right up front.. Dont wait for them to find out on their own, don't try to hide it & DEFINITLY don't lie about it if your specifically asked! As long as your honest up front.. most employers will respect & admire & sometimes even be inspired by your honesty & your story, & recognize the growth it must have taken to admit to.. & many times they feel urged to give the underdog the opportunity to prove themselves! Honesty about ur rocky past shows that it IS in fact in the past and although ur not proud of it, ur also not ashamed.. because it's taught u alot & formed u into who u are today. Lying about ur past usually suggests u still havent learned or grown from it yet & may even still be mixed up in it! I know it might feel like telling the truth would be like flushin the job down a toilet.. but trust me... Honesty will always increase ur chances!

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