And most of the time they work with ur situation and the have other good things to offer u

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See if there is a community organization in your area that can help you improve your job search and interviewing.

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Please don't give up.. I believe that God wants you to have the best job to help out. So continue to trust God for... see more

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Don't give up cause God ain't give up on you

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Keep it chin up girl

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Don’t worry cause everything is going to be fine in Jesus name

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OMG I pray God gives you a well paying job keep yo head up

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Hire me pl

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Never give up. You can try WaWa tjey are a good company with great benefits. Good luck and keep us posted on your... see more

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The thing is though, that employers DON'T care that you need another income. They care about what you're going to... see more

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