Never Give Up!

Today, I got an email informing me I didn't get the job that I interviewed for last week. I replayed the interview in my mind and thought of areas I could have made an improvement. Then I focused immediately on all the areas I felt I excel.

1, Professionally Dress
2. Cover Letter and Resume Package (3-additional copies)
3. Research the potential employer organization and/or company,
4. Briefly reviewed their Annual Report from the previous year. What were some of their top accomplishments and what are some things they are looking to improve the next fiscal year?
4. Went over my accomplishments, from previous positions I’ve held, and why I would be an asset to the organization based on experience, skill set.
5.Review top 50 potential interview questions
6. Got a good night sleep

Believe me, I do this for every interview

If you check off your boxes and you know you have done your due diligence rest assure your time and day is coming! God is just moving the obstacles out your way and preparing you for the opportunity where your talent will be best utilized, and his child can soar!

That was the song of Shakira "Try Everything” (YouTube) The main point is to never give up and never give in, fall and stand up again keep trying. It inspired me I hope you enjoy as well. Listen to the words.




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