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Bullet point

I APPRECIATED all the attention I have gotten over the past 2 or so weeks.from members and jobcase personnel.Trust me when I say it's been an honor working with such passionate people.We all come to this point in out lives that feels like we hit our own wall of embarrassment.or unprofessional opportunities. I will always be respectful to one very talented, inspiring, passionate,hardworking and LIFE saving individual that I have had the upmost respect for,because without this person caring the way she did...I prolly wouldn't be here telling you all how wonderful she really is....she didnt have to help me and I didnt have to believe she could....IM GLAD I MADE YOUR 2021 get off to a good start...but I'm afraid I gotta you can go help those other 20 billion people that need your professionalism Goodbye jobcase family thanks for everything I'll be back for questions. And Elyssa Duncan thanks for saving my life. Coming here was worth evetything. My friend #motivation #inspirational #inspiring

over 3 years ago
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